Lions, And tigers, And bears! Oh My!

Did you ever notice how bears never seemed to go with the rest of that sentence? Lions and Tigers are both felines….but what about bears? It’s like real life. One person, or group, won’t fit in with everyone else. BE NICE TO EACHOTHER!! k. i’m done with the lesson for today

So, if you don’t know already, today is Fifty Linden Friday here in Secondlife. Also known as “FLF!” I’m in the process of getting through all the stores, but like usual i’m distracted by IM’s an- SHINNEYYYYYYYYYY.

Haha, I’ll have to blog my favorite items this week but for right now I’ve only been able to get through RC cluster and D-lab. Two wonderful stores but nothing interesting in my opinion.

Have you ever noticed how in SL the drama is way more severe than in rl? Maybe it’s just me but the drama today boys and girls is about relationships. Oh yes, the wonderful love bug has struck again and like usual it ends up leaving someone hurt. This time it’s happened to one of my friends…lets call her “Miss Piggy” and lets call the boy of interest “Coke”..and the girl he’s dating? “Cookies”

Soo…Miss piggy was in love with Coke, they’ve been friends since she joined this virtual world. Coke, happened to meet cookies a few months ago. Well…miss piggy didn’t know they knew eachother. See..Miss piggy knows this Cookies very well, to the point she has blackmail of her (Teehee) but anyways! Coke didn’t realize this and now this Coke is dating this cookies, and miss piggy is now upset and has to deal with the nature of planning an invasion and using the blackmail on cookies and Coke. We shall see what happens next

For right now i’m content with pigging out on cookies and coke. This has nothing to do with the story

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Don’t get pregnant, Drunk and drive, don’t run into the flying monkies and on top of all that BE SAFE!

Good Night World


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  1. colemariesoleil

    I think I’m pregnant…


    March 2, 2010 at 12:56 am

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