I love it when you geek talk me

Have you ever had one of those days where you just reorganize and go through EVERYTHING in your inventory? I’ve gone through that all day and seemingly feel more comfortable, even in a virtual world my OCD shows. I’m not an orderly person, trust me, but sometimes i have days where i go through anything and everything that’s in my inventory. I’ll let you in on a secret that probably no one else knows, my inventory is a clusterfuck (Prewarning; i cuss a lot). I swear that if i wasn’t OCD my inventory would be well over 100k items by now, luckily i go through it weekly.

Other than the inventory sorting today nothing really pleasant or annoying has happened, i was tempted to start making shapes again, i get too attached to shapes and end up becoming greedy and not selling them. Otherwise known as using them for myself, it’s a bad habit and i do that when i create poses too! Help! haha, for the pose makers and shape makers out there: Do you ever get greedy and end up just using your creations for yourself and no one else?  Tis one reason i’d never open a shop, and then there’s the fact i don’t like seeing 024805207520250938520984209382 people with the SAME shape. It bothers me!

Oh and, miss piggy got revenge on cookies last night, because cookies pissed miss piggy off and she told coke about the late night web came sessions that cookies would have with miss piggy’s roomate. Miss piggy is evil.

My grandmother is cooking for my roomate and i tonight and i can not explain how much of a scent orgasm it is in my house right now, she’s making ham with her speshul sauce, and corn casserole. I swear…i’d share a little with you all it’s so fantastic! It probably wouldn’t be good for most of you seeming as it’s a country thing but w/e we can all be southern red necks tonight

I leave you with A wonderful band tonight, their music is therapy ❤

Good Night World


One response

  1. colemariesoleil

    Ahahahaha I love how you write… and the music you love is awesome :X You make me laugh… oh and I swear a fuck of a lot too… it’s what gets me asked to leave art groups online… it’s all… YOU CAN’T SAY FUCK HERE -_- orly?

    March 2, 2010 at 12:55 am

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