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Paper hearts

It seems the only thing i’ve been able to show is my depression, this blog was never suppose to be soppy and sad…it was suppose to be happy and show people that there is happy people out there that maybe can hold a smile on their face forever.

My step father left my mother and i last night, i’ve spent 3 days crying in my shower. I’m not in the mood anymore, for life, for love, for work, for class.

I’d like to sleep the rest of the year away


Good Morning Sunshine

The earth says hello.

I’m really not motivated to do anything today so at 9:42 AM, Wednesday March 24, 2010…i’m sitting here writing a blog post! I just cut 80 people on plurk and i don’t mind at all, it honestly feels good to be free of annoying bitch asses :P! If only i was this motivated to clean up and organize my inventory, we’d all be happy but you know…that isn’t gonna happen hahaha..or at least for a few more weeks

I get in the habbit of motivating myself with music, it seems if i have happy music on and i’m not terribly and utterly “OMFG IM GONNA DIE THIS SHIT SUCKS” sick…i’ll do whatever there is to be done.

The last time i cleaned my inventory was….5 months ago and that was just to get rid of all the wear XxX-(Product Name)-random Scene numbers-XxX shit….

Also, a little birdy told me that there’s new project going around where every weekend some really fucking awesome designers create a product from a theme or w/e and most of the designers participating are really good<3 it’s called “Project Themeory”

I don’t however like that ever since Barb started doing Fifty linden friday, every day of the week is a bargain day and even on the weekend “60L sunday” and shit….GTFO and stop stealing ideas O:<

Also, James Shwarz , has reminded me of this really wicked awesome movie coming out April 30th it’s called “The Human Centipede” and honestly it’s fucking disgusting and soooooooooooo shitty (literally) but damn ❤ i want to see it sooooo bad. In his plurk Katey told me about another movie that i want to see now “Visitor q” and man…Necrophelia, incest, killing, crazy people….YUM

I love that kind of movie that is sooooo wrong but is soooooo gross and fantastic. If you haven’t already i advise you heavily to see “Repo! The Genetic Opera” before you go thinking “HEY! REPO MEN WAS OUT FIRST O:<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!” No…it wasn’t….Repo Men…is based off Repo! a sucky fuck up of the real movie but ya know….nothing is as good as the first so don’t go getting your panties in a bunch. Repo! is much better i tell you…i promise…sooooooooooooooooo much better ❤ Go see it

Also, in repo men, THEY DONT EVEN SING O:<!!! WTF?!?!?!

Good Morning Sunshine, the earth says hello

Chainsaws and lust

I’ve been totally sick the past week or so, so excuse me for being a little too lazy to post. I also have no voice, as in, when i speak, the only thing happening are my lips moving. It’s very amusing actually, but it doesn’t help the fact i’m sick as fuck.

The only thing happening on SL is me prostituting my body to the friends of mine that i actually hang out with aha. They like it, but they only pay me 5 dollars! Damn bitches rip me off.

(Martha, Cole, Lanie)

Like i’ve said, my SLife is boring at times and tonight was one of those quiet nights where everyone is sick and just wants to sit.

I turn 21 in 13 days, nothings going to be going on though. Do you celebrate your birthday?

I’m too lazy to be typing tonight

Implants, Lip Gloss, and botox.

Oddly i’m apathetic today, i honestly am just wanting to go to bed and sleep the rest of the week. I’ve missed two days of work and class so there’s no point for the rest of the week. The only emotion i seem to be able to pull off today is sarcasm, i’m fine with that.

Also, today is st.patties day. Many hunts going on in sl, including one at -RC- Cluster (i’d to lazy to post pictures so just go do it yourself)

Other than that not much has been different in sl.

As usual more drama, which sadly will never GTFO and leave me alone. I’m bad at making friends, and when i do they’re all horrible besides the few i actually love. I’m tired of being ignored and bitched at, and when i say ignore i mean…those few people who only talk to me when they want shit. Fuck off please.

Those few i still call friends, you know who you are and i love you dearly. You keep me from giving up on this shit and falling off the face of this earth.

I change shapes just to hide in this place, but i’m still an animal

Untitled, because i’m original.

I hate People

He’s smokin rainbows and butterflies

i’m so excited to go see Alice in wonderland, you have no idea how much of a wuss i am! I almost peed myself when i got the tickets this morning!!!! What’s your favorite movie? Is it Avatar? I loved that movie!!!! Or maybe it’s something cute like julia and juliet?

How are you? Are you very happy? Like a catapillar turning into a butterfly?

On to SL!

Melt. opened on march 6th and goes on until March 21st.  Some very cute thing that you should totally check out; including skins from L.fauna, Tres Blah. One of the prettiest Dresses and make ups from Pig, A bed from, Art From This is a fawn and Scribble, And many other clothing items from Miel, Lark, and much more

I highly advise taking a quick visit to Melt. you won’t want to miss it at all

Also, i’m getting my first tattoo “soonish” (In a few months i think) Can you guess what it’ll be?

Goodnight World

Kaz Puts the yummy in cupcake

I’m finally getting my ass up and not being lazy!

A few days ago a certain someone, Kaz Nayar, dropped me a blogger pack of one of his newest designs! Panties! I can not tell you how much i love panties, not to mention ones with superb texturing and cute designs! His store is called Nayar

From Left to right:

Yummy Pack – Cupcake

Wild Pack – Zebra

Spring Time Pack – Polka Party

Rocker Babe Pack – Stars

Pastels Pack – Pink

Good Times Pack – ❤

Basics Pack – Red

These are only 1 of the 3 pairs that come in the packs, they come in both underpants, and pants layers! Each pair is identified by its pack.  They come in packs of 3 pair with a common theme. There’s also two dollarbies at his store so go check him out!!

TP to Nayar!