Sharpies, Mustaches, and Cameras

Ozimal bunnies.

Yup, i’ve had/have one. Her name is Ophelia and she isn’t ever going to breed. haha 🙂 she’s adorable if i say so myself

Anyways how are you? I shouldn’t ask but i’d like to know haha. In real life today it decided to snow, i’ve lived in many places where it’s snowed and it’s been waaay worse than this but it was SO horrible! It wasn’t even snow…it was slushy…..rainy…sleety….huge blocks of snow pelting me, snow. If it doesn’t ease up i’ll likely not go in to work tomorrow heh.

Today all i’ve done is try on curio demos…i’m in love with her skins…you don’t even know it. Like, if i had the $LLLLLLL i’d buy all her skins in the petal and sundust tones, other than that i’ve hung out with colie and forced her to procrastinate. I then sat on my ass staring at my TV aha

And a little story for you…

Today while in class i was having a discussion about gymnastics and i decided to test our theory out…..Our theory was that while in skinny jeans you can do a split. Now…when it comes to skinny jeans…they’re tight…you can’t do splits in them, it’s impossible. I did it…and ripped my pants, my favorite pants, the ones i wear EVERYWHERE….Least to say i was emo…and depressed aha

I’m babbling now, oh fuck D:

Good Night World


2 responses

  1. colemariesoleil

    But I love procrastinating with you <.<
    That sounds so dirty…
    I love the way you write
    you write like you talk XD

    March 12, 2010 at 10:27 am

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