I have a banshee on my head, you’re statement is irrelavent

I’m getting around to not being lazy but what can i say…my ass IS lazy you know..hhaa

Okay so i promised i’d show the neato shirts…i can’t stop wearing them and they go with amazingly…anything [:

Cute huh? 😀

I’m currently doing the Chase of the beast hunt and the omnom hunt…i can’t really say any of the gifts impress me but it’s freebie shit i’ll have to go through later so whatever. It keeps me busy haha. Although…Needful things has an acorn doll key for the CBH hunt and it’s cute…i have nothing to wear with it but i can admire the cuteness. What hunts have you done in sl? I still have shit from the first peace on earth hunt, sadly i’m too lazy to sort my inventory anymore. i’ll do that on spring break 😉 *spring cleaning will be occuring*

My lovelies i must inform you that i’ve become addicted to sharpies in real life again, do you like sharpies? i do. i use fine, and ultra fine tips…and i have 3 copies of each color. As in..i own every sharpie color that’s ever been around…sad huh?  Today class and work was canceled i stayed home watching tool academy and drawing with my sharpies. I must inform you that i’m getting back into the habbit of liking reality TV shows on vh1.

oh shit my crops just withered…

Ya i’m kind of addicted to farmville :/ it makes me happy to have a virtual farm. SL should be like that ahur

I promise i’ll talk about serious topics next time


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