He’s smokin rainbows and butterflies

i’m so excited to go see Alice in wonderland, you have no idea how much of a wuss i am! I almost peed myself when i got the tickets this morning!!!! What’s your favorite movie? Is it Avatar? I loved that movie!!!! Or maybe it’s something cute like julia and juliet?

How are you? Are you very happy? Like a catapillar turning into a butterfly?

On to SL!

Melt. opened on march 6th and goes on until March 21st.  Some very cute thing that you should totally check out; including skins from L.fauna, Tres Blah. One of the prettiest Dresses and make ups from Pig, A bed from m.fox, Art From This is a fawn and Scribble, And many other clothing items from Miel, Lark, and much more

I highly advise taking a quick visit to Melt. you won’t want to miss it at all

Also, i’m getting my first tattoo “soonish” (In a few months i think) Can you guess what it’ll be?

Goodnight World


One response

  1. colemariesoleil

    Is it my name?
    You’re tattooing my name on your butt…
    I knew it <.<

    March 12, 2010 at 10:25 am

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