Implants, Lip Gloss, and botox.

Oddly i’m apathetic today, i honestly am just wanting to go to bed and sleep the rest of the week. I’ve missed two days of work and class so there’s no point for the rest of the week. The only emotion i seem to be able to pull off today is sarcasm, i’m fine with that.

Also, today is st.patties day. Many hunts going on in sl, including one at -RC- Cluster (i’d to lazy to post pictures so just go do it yourself)

Other than that not much has been different in sl.

As usual more drama, which sadly will never GTFO and leave me alone. I’m bad at making friends, and when i do they’re all horrible besides the few i actually love. I’m tired of being ignored and bitched at, and when i say ignore i mean…those few people who only talk to me when they want shit. Fuck off please.

Those few i still call friends, you know who you are and i love you dearly. You keep me from giving up on this shit and falling off the face of this earth.

I change shapes just to hide in this place, but i’m still an animal


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