Chainsaws and lust

I’ve been totally sick the past week or so, so excuse me for being a little too lazy to post. I also have no voice, as in, when i speak, the only thing happening are my lips moving. It’s very amusing actually, but it doesn’t help the fact i’m sick as fuck.

The only thing happening on SL is me prostituting my body to the friends of mine that i actually hang out with aha. They like it, but they only pay me 5 dollars! Damn bitches rip me off.

(Martha, Cole, Lanie)

Like i’ve said, my SLife is boring at times and tonight was one of those quiet nights where everyone is sick and just wants to sit.

I turn 21 in 13 days, nothings going to be going on though. Do you celebrate your birthday?

I’m too lazy to be typing tonight


One response

  1. ColeMarie Soleil

    Nothing to say but
    I love you ❤

    March 21, 2010 at 5:12 am

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