Good Morning Sunshine

The earth says hello.

I’m really not motivated to do anything today so at 9:42 AM, Wednesday March 24, 2010…i’m sitting here writing a blog post! I just cut 80 people on plurk and i don’t mind at all, it honestly feels good to be free of annoying bitch asses :P! If only i was this motivated to clean up and organize my inventory, we’d all be happy but you know…that isn’t gonna happen hahaha..or at least for a few more weeks

I get in the habbit of motivating myself with music, it seems if i have happy music on and i’m not terribly and utterly “OMFG IM GONNA DIE THIS SHIT SUCKS” sick…i’ll do whatever there is to be done.

The last time i cleaned my inventory was….5 months ago and that was just to get rid of all the wear XxX-(Product Name)-random Scene numbers-XxX shit….

Also, a little birdy told me that there’s new project going around where every weekend some really fucking awesome designers create a product from a theme or w/e and most of the designers participating are really good<3 it’s called “Project Themeory”

I don’t however like that ever since Barb started doing Fifty linden friday, every day of the week is a bargain day and even on the weekend “60L sunday” and shit….GTFO and stop stealing ideas O:<

Also, James Shwarz , has reminded me of this really wicked awesome movie coming out April 30th it’s called “The Human Centipede” and honestly it’s fucking disgusting and soooooooooooo shitty (literally) but damn ❤ i want to see it sooooo bad. In his plurk Katey told me about another movie that i want to see now “Visitor q” and man…Necrophelia, incest, killing, crazy people….YUM

I love that kind of movie that is sooooo wrong but is soooooo gross and fantastic. If you haven’t already i advise you heavily to see “Repo! The Genetic Opera” before you go thinking “HEY! REPO MEN WAS OUT FIRST O:<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!” No…it wasn’t….Repo Men…is based off Repo! a sucky fuck up of the real movie but ya know….nothing is as good as the first so don’t go getting your panties in a bunch. Repo! is much better i tell you…i promise…sooooooooooooooooo much better ❤ Go see it

Also, in repo men, THEY DONT EVEN SING O:<!!! WTF?!?!?!

Good Morning Sunshine, the earth says hello


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