In with the old out with the new?

Or is it In with the new out with the old?

I’ve yet to defeat the evil tentacles of sickness but because i was inspired by a someone today to start blogging sooner than i would have i’m here to say Hello and how do you do today?

If you haven’t heard there’s a new hunt going on in the wonderful world of SL Called “ZombiePopcorn”. Now if you’re like me anything with the word Zombie in it will excite you, and honestly most of the gifts from this hunt are really good and some are actually on the border line of funny. Now if you’d like to see the gifts before you go n’ start dem huntin’s i found two sites that would be very helpful. One is the Main page: which also includes hint somewhere down the page, and then there’s the japanese version of hints and pictures: (It looks like this post was taken down Sorry!) Have fun and don’t let any zombies bite you while trying to find the pesky popcorn!

And i almost forgot, If you haven’t checked out ColeMarie’s new video or don’t know who i’m talking about please take a look at the following Video. From what i know it’s for the Shanghai world fair 2010, it’s a bit long but i enjoyed it very much not to mention i got to run around in rainbowbrite sparklies for about an hour. While watching it you’ll notice it goes from dark and wondering to well bright and flashy..Any guesses why? Drugs. Now, cole doesn’t do drugs but the feeling you’re suppose to get is an acid trip have fun with it (I sure did…and no i do not mean in the Kleenex and hang lotion way)

If you don’t like it i highly advise you to watch it until you do, considering the fact everything cole does for work is absolutely perfect. She’s one of the best artists i’ve seen in the fantasy of Second life.


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    April 18, 2010 at 7:05 pm

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