Plastik – Aikea Rieko

Earlier yesterday i was able to meet one of the sweetest persons, Aikea Rieko, also the owner of “Plastik” which i might add is one of my favorite stores. The clothing goes from raving furries to Patterned mini dresses. Basically anything and everything! Elf ears, Skins, Clothing, accessories, you name it…it’s there.

I was able to beta test one of her upcoming skins (Which should be out soon hopefully) called “Lionheart”, The skins go from very pale tones to rich dark tones.

The Lightest tone

LionHeart – Myth

And the darkest tone

LionHeart – Legend

Hair- Truth – Charlie, Lamb – I’m a Romantic

Bikini – Whippet&Buck – Starlust gift: Zombie Day Stripes

Pose – H:3D – Starlust Gift pose

There’s six skin tones in total and each one is beautiful and well made. The hips and face are personally my favorite things about the skins, the hips are shaded and look like correct hips 😛 The face is just pretty haha!

This is the friday dress, complete with frilly, girly, prettiness? Is that even a word…i don’t think so but that doesn’t matter! The friday dresses come with two..three…four..FOUR! options. Belt, No belt, Shirt, and leggings…Now i don’t think the shirt is to be worn alone but it can be since there is no seams or cut offs on the texture. The only thing is if you’re taller or shorter than the avatar it was made on you’ll of course have to edit the prim a little to make it work but that’s to be expected on any prim skirt/dress. The leggings give me an excuse to now wear frilly and girly and puffy and cute dresses hahaha. I absolutely adore the Friday dress and it comes and most every color and design.

Hair – – Nicole.2

Skin – The Plastik – LionHeart – Myth (Beta)

Pose – Glitterati – Fashion 4

Now this is the Saturday Top and skirt, it comes in an array of colors just like the friday dress. It also comes with a no belt, w/ belt option. You can wear it together or wear the top with a pair of jeans, the skirt with a tank top. Every color also has a top that comes with a breast attachment meaning you can wear it to make it look like a REAL top. Every color has a palette of it’s own meaning they all have a few selected colors, it’s a cute pairing and i’d wear this every day if i could haha!

Check Out The Plastik!


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