Truth New Release

From Left to Right:

Tesa – Cherry

Annette – Cherry

Emme – Cherry

Emme Comes with a Color change hair band meaning it has most every cold that you’d need. I absolutely love truth hair, The texture are very well done and the hair colors look so real i’d like to reach into my screen and touch them…but that isn’t possible yet 😛

Also Worn:

Shirt – Ohmai! – High Rise Tank

Skin – Plastik – Lionheart Myth (Beta)

Pose – {AT} – HayFever

Check Out Truth!

I’ve been tempting the thought of doing more blogs for stores and look books because i enjoy (LE GASP!) fashion but i’m not really sure how well the work would go that comes with it. I’m the lazy type and just do what i want when i want usually but how cool would it be to start doing Hairs…and Skins…and Clothing lines…and Shoes…And even feature newer stores? Lately all i see is top stores and i’d love to be able to feature those newer stores that maybe one day will be up there with the “Top dogs”


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