Lyric Lundquist

A long time favorite Machinima artist Lyric has created a new video and i happen to like it very much. She sent out a notecard earlier today which basically covers what it’s about and a tad more πŸ™‚

“hi friends πŸ™‚

i created a new machinima called midnight glitch. i used a few new techniques, and it’s inspired by “glitch art” which i’ve been fond of lately.

if you want to have a look here it is:

ALSO. i am looking for some artists to make custom hair and custom skin for a real life multie media music video im going to begin shooting within the next few weeks for the artist i work for – JIHAE.

check out her website –

the hair and skin will be based off of the cover for the single “succubus” here:

βˆšβ„βˆšβ„βˆšβ„βˆšβ„ succubus βˆšβ„βˆšβ„βˆšβ„βˆšβ„

the machinima will be on covered by NYC music blogs and also be on display in september in an exhibition here in NYC followed by a performance by JIHAE, and you will be credited for your work (and it’s a great networking opportunity). please let me know if the project is interesting to you and send me an e-mail at

thanks! much ❀

– L ”

Her machinima is very clean in the sense she does it well, and the story line that goes with most of her videos are “Easy on the ears” haha

I’d suggest checking out more of her other machinima here !


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