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Number obsession *Tissssss*

I’ve backspaced this post a total of 26 times, what the hell is wrong with me? That’s a rhetorical question.

I’m obsessed with numbers so today i noticed on my blog calender that there’s an ongoing pattern in when i post, of course i have nothing to post about but sadly it’ll drive me nuts until i blog tonight.

I think i’m going crazy though, a look into lanie’s brain?

I hate math, i never liked math, i never will. Anything and everything i do i count and put into numbers. Like right now i subconsciously counted how many times i used the letter e (16) and then i went back to recount and make sure it was an even number and not an odd. I count how many steps i take every day from the front of my neighborhood to my house, and i count most anything and everything. I can’t do math worth a shit but when it comes to numbers..EVERYTHING has numbers. Even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone but me it has a reason.


The color Red  is number 4, 8, 12, or 3, the number of red cars i see in my neighborhood

The name Alex is number 2 because it reminds me of purple and purple is my 2nd favorite color.

ice cream is number 8, 1, 3, or 6, the number of white shirts i have clean that day.

Anything and everything around me is over done with numbers, by the time i’m 30 i think i might be in a nuthouse repeating the order of numbers the rest of my life.

the only reason i’m posting this is because of that stupid pattern i saw on my calender. IM GOING NUUUUTTTTZZZZ

And instead of one song i’m going to post a play list of songs i’ve been listening to today

1)  Chu chu lovely – Maximum Hormone

2) Pale – Aesthetic Perfection

3) Sleep Away – Bob Acri

4) Cantara – Dead Can Dance

5) Zombie – Cranberries

6) If i ever feel better – Phoenix

Another fact: I’m having a mini attack because i ended on an even number (6) instead of odd (5)

I feel weird for even posting this. Have fun~


Plastik – The Elven Skintones

I find myself looking up at Kea because in at least 4 days she’s gotten done 30 skins, each with 6 make ups ( And one makeup is custom to each skin) matching elf ears, and matching eyes. I look forward to seeing what else she might do with her creations. But for now…..ONTO THE SKINS! [:

Like most of her skins, the body itself is greatly detailed, the hips, the legs, the breasts, the back..i’m babbling now. I don’t think i can brag on the hips this time because i do that far too much, but hell…the hips are superb (and so is the butt…nomnom :P) And yes….my ass is huge therefor my hand is sticking out of it.

And to quote Aikea about the different faces

“The Elven tones of the Lionheart skin come with Pre-tinted elf ears, a patching pair of eyes with contacts, and 6 different makeups.


the Makeups are:

Bare: No makeup, just plain. 🙂
Shade: Lipgloss and Colored eyeshadow- Color depends on the skintone.
Tribe: Angular Tribal squares jutting from the eyes and a dark strip of lipliner in the middle of the lips.
Cult: A dark circular tribal design with dots accenting the face and blueish lipgloss.
Freck: Bare face with no eyeshadow, and freckles.
Evel: A heavy dark shadow, darker lips, and heavy eyeliner. ”

All in all i’ve been shaking in my chair for the elven skintones to be out, and look at that they are! I may be biased due to the fact normally i -am- an elf on Second Life. This skin is just another wonderful and superb creation by Aikea

Check out The Plastik!

Currently Listening to – Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

Also Worn:

Hair – Maitreya – Green 2

Panties – Cyanide – Lace French cut

Poses – *Noju* Pose 0026

*Noju* Pose 0029

*Boom* Take it easy Tote’s

*Boom* has always been a very awesome store, and i love their clothes more than anything. They’ve realeased their new tote’s and their super cute! They remind me so much of summer that i really can’t wait for summer to be here anymore. The designs are bright and upbeat and are made to fit any outfit or occasion in your Slife!

I’d mainly wear them with bikinis or summer dresses because honestly that’s the only thing i’d ever want to wear them with! The totes come in many other designs and these are just a few ❤

Check Out The Summertastic *BOOM*!

Other items worn:

Bkini/undies: Whippet & Buck – Frilly Little Knickers – Peach

Hair – Tiny Bird – Magic Trick

Pose – (PDA) Before they make me run

Currently Listening to: Mika – Relax, Take it Easy


I promise to start posting more!!!!

!Nayar Tube Tops!

!Nayar released really cute tube tops, in addition to super cute tank tops. I happen to like the tube tops though considering i have a thing for longer tops (Not to mention they’re much easier to pair with other items :])

The Tubes come in 8 different “colors” taking into consideration they’re all different designs too. The only iffy thing is the seams which you can’t see in the picture but they don’t line up “perfectly” which is okay because most textures will not line up that perfect.

Check Out !Nayar

I seriously look forward to blogging more of his stuff, the designs and colors are adorable and i’d love to just…wear them everywhere ❤

Other Items Worn:

Hair – Lamb – Cherry

Pants – Emery – Denim Orchid Club #5

Shoes – [PM] – Baby T Plain

Skin – Belleza – Elle (Group Gift)

Poses: (In no order)

Olive Juice – Lolli Dolly We like to party

Olive Juice – Easy Breezy

{AT} – Innocent Bones

@Waffles – The City

Olive Juice – Sequin Tights

Olive Juice – I’m serious