!Nayar Tube Tops!

!Nayar released really cute tube tops, in addition to super cute tank tops. I happen to like the tube tops though considering i have a thing for longer tops (Not to mention they’re much easier to pair with other items :])

The Tubes come in 8 different “colors” taking into consideration they’re all different designs too. The only iffy thing is the seams which you can’t see in the picture but they don’t line up “perfectly” which is okay because most textures will not line up that perfect.

Check Out !Nayar

I seriously look forward to blogging more of his stuff, the designs and colors are adorable and i’d love to just…wear them everywhere ❤

Other Items Worn:

Hair – Lamb – Cherry

Pants – Emery – Denim Orchid Club #5

Shoes – [PM] – Baby T Plain

Skin – Belleza – Elle (Group Gift)

Poses: (In no order)

Olive Juice – Lolli Dolly We like to party

Olive Juice – Easy Breezy

{AT} – Innocent Bones

@Waffles – The City

Olive Juice – Sequin Tights

Olive Juice – I’m serious


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