Number obsession *Tissssss*

I’ve backspaced this post a total of 26 times, what the hell is wrong with me? That’s a rhetorical question.

I’m obsessed with numbers so today i noticed on my blog calender that there’s an ongoing pattern in when i post, of course i have nothing to post about but sadly it’ll drive me nuts until i blog tonight.

I think i’m going crazy though, a look into lanie’s brain?

I hate math, i never liked math, i never will. Anything and everything i do i count and put into numbers. Like right now i subconsciously counted how many times i used the letter e (16) and then i went back to recount and make sure it was an even number and not an odd. I count how many steps i take every day from the front of my neighborhood to my house, and i count most anything and everything. I can’t do math worth a shit but when it comes to numbers..EVERYTHING has numbers. Even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone but me it has a reason.


The color Red  is number 4, 8, 12, or 3, the number of red cars i see in my neighborhood

The name Alex is number 2 because it reminds me of purple and purple is my 2nd favorite color.

ice cream is number 8, 1, 3, or 6, the number of white shirts i have clean that day.

Anything and everything around me is over done with numbers, by the time i’m 30 i think i might be in a nuthouse repeating the order of numbers the rest of my life.

the only reason i’m posting this is because of that stupid pattern i saw on my calender. IM GOING NUUUUTTTTZZZZ

And instead of one song i’m going to post a play list of songs i’ve been listening to today

1)  Chu chu lovely – Maximum Hormone

2) Pale – Aesthetic Perfection

3) Sleep Away – Bob Acri

4) Cantara – Dead Can Dance

5) Zombie – Cranberries

6) If i ever feel better – Phoenix

Another fact: I’m having a mini attack because i ended on an even number (6) instead of odd (5)

I feel weird for even posting this. Have fun~


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