New Truth you say?

It’s that time again, the new hair from truth will be out tomorrow (6.4.10) and of course it good like usual. I’ve taken a favor to one of the new hairs called “Tina”

(Napolean dynamite Quote: Tinnaaa you fat lard come get your ham!)

From Left to right: Tina, Marnie Streaked/not streaked, Lourdes (All in night like DUH! 🙂 )

Tina has a color changeable bow, which i happen to like set on purple (Not only because it’s my favorite color! STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!) it’s big and poofy and pretty bahah. There’s also the ability to hide the bow so if you’d like to just wear the hair without it or maybe with your own hairband it’s always a possiblity

Marnie comes in streaked and obviously not streaked, i put on both to show you where the highlights would be. Like the bow on tina you can switch colors or just wear the non streaked style instead. It’s a medium style and i happen to like it because it reminds me of punkish rockerish

Lourdes is the last in the line and it’s curly and doesn’t need any color changeable bows or streaks. It’s pretty the way it is and the short little curls make me feel like the black haired Marilyn Monroe. It’s supper cute and can really be worn with anything with is good!

Go pick up Truth! Now!!!! GO! DO IT!

Also Worn:

Ears: Visavi

Piercing: Ella Bella – Bright Eyes

Lingerie – Whippet And Buck – Agnes in Oyster

Skin – League – Taylor

Pose – Luth – Shoes 13

Currently Listening to: Darwin Deez – Radar Detector


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