Ain’t nothin but the Truth

I should’ve posted this last night but here you go!!

Truth, like every thursday, releases some of the cutest hair. Due to me being high on the summer fever i chose to wear the bubblegum hue and run around in it for a few hours.

The newest hairs are called BoHo, Nicola, And Peyton

(In that order)

I’m looking forward to seeing more summer inspired hairs from Mister truth, not to mention i’m waiting for him to come see Cole and i in our mushroom home

Visit Truth!

Also Worn –

Bikini – Whippet and buck – Floral undies (50L for only today!!)

Pose – (pda) Before they make me run

Oh! also! Today is Fifty Linden Friday meaning there’s i THINK 10 stores and all of them are pretty good this week! lots of poses and bikinis 😉

Currently Listening to: Smash Mouth – Walking on the sun


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