on my mind

It’s the start of the summer! This means there will be more bikinis, beach balls, and of course the occasional sunburn and all day round sun~ (Maybe not for everyone but on the easy coast it doesn’t get dark until 10!!!)

That also means a lot of sales real life and in second life, many good deals and many many “OMG WANT” moments in my memory. To be specific is having a sale and is always one of the most popular hair places to hit up when they have sales (which is….2 now) Everything is set down to lower prices, including fatpacks!~

I’ve accumulated most every hair they sell and am now working on stocking up on their clothes…oh baby jesus. Most shoes are 75L-100L, hair packs are 75L and fatpacks are 300L, and most clothes are 75L-100L 🙂 I bought almost everything!

Not to mention with their sale, they released a new hair “Brande” and “Brande.2” (W/o Bangs and w/ Bangs)

(Straight from in-world please forgive the crappyness)



Hair – Brande.2;

Shirt – Comfy.Cardi (Brick);

Jeans – Low Cut Dark Blue; Luck inc.

Currently listening to: Strange Disease – Prozzak


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