The Truth is…pt.2 New release

Getcha new haaaaiiiirrr!

Neewwww haaairrr! fresh and hot out of the folders!

Truth’s new release is one of my favorite i think by far. I love braids, and pin up looking fashion, and and and….i just love the new releases.

(Rayne w/o Streaks, w/ streaks, Lucille w/o streaks, w/ streaks, iris)

Rayne is my favorite this week, it’s girly but if done right it’s more rocker/lets go do shit kinda style bahaha The bow changes color and so does the streaks like usual, it’s easy for me to match with outfits haha oh god..this is awkward now

Lucille is more pin up than anything else, It makes me wanna throw on a high waist skirt and some 6 inch stilettos! Let’s go to a photoshoot~ lmfao it comes in streak and no streak like Rayne and i happen to like it with streaks more due to the fact the way they’re put on the hair it curls into the back and side and look poofy 😛

And of course then there’s Iris, cute long braids and fluffy. Iris comes with the option to just let it be braids, or have bands on one of the braids (As seen in the picture i have it set to the bands)

I chose to go with Amethyst, and light blue….LEAVE MY OBSESSION WITH PURPLE ALOOONEEEE 😦

Oh and…i bought my first laq skin :3

Check out Truth!!

Also Worn:

Skin -Laq

Headphones – Theosophy

Pose – Porcupine Love

Tank –

Currently Listening to: Discovery – Swing tree


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