Plastik Jungles

Kea has released her newest dress, Ambrice

It comes with a corset, upper shirt, and the skirt. I happen to like it due to the fact it has beautifully done corsets and skirts. With all of her dresses/shirt options she includes a breast attachment which makes it look more realistic. There’s over 50 colors and each pack comes with two dresses. Whether they be different or somewhat matching they’re very cute. It comes with many layers and there’s even a layer that has just the top on it.

I would’ve liked if there was a just corset option but alas there isn’t! Maybe in the future 🙂

The set was named after another great designer, Aydan Darcy, who sells a lot of the best piercings and jewelry on the grid.

Check Out The plastik!

Other items worn:

Hair:, [69]

Skin: LAQ

Panties: Piddidle

Pose: Porcupine Love

Currently Listening to: Velvet Acid Christ – Pretty Toy


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