My sex slave/mother/daughter/sister/lesbian lover/best friend has started creating her couture line again.

It will be named Soleil and will be out sometime next month, her first release will be 10 dress and each one i’ve seen so far is more than beautiful

From left to right: (Cole)Little Miss sunshine, (Lanie)Paper Crane, (Martha)Fine my way

L – R: (Martha)Beezy, (Cole) Little Miss Sunshine, (Lanie) La Fleur Triste

I’m more than excited for her store to open, i know she’ll do more than wonderful!

Keep watching for new dresses from miss cole ❤

Also Worn


Skin – DNA
Hair – Buried
Ears – Gauged
Shoes – League
Necklace – Hod


Hair – Armidi
Ears – Plastik
Skin –  SelfMade
Shoes – Bax


Hair – Magika
Skin – Laq
Shoes – Periquita

Currently Listening To: Blink 182 – Anthem, pt. 2


2 responses

  1. ColeMarie Soleil

    HAH I just sent you another one bish and now it’s time for me to sleeeeeeeeeeeep

    July 1, 2010 at 10:23 am

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