Truth makes me wanna…

It’s that time of the week again! NEWWWWW HAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRR!

I had a spazz attack when i saw them this week, too cute to not be in love dude

Josephine, Roxana, Tabatha all in copper

Josephine is a simple long loose braid, it hangs in the back and the front is super cute, i adore the side bang/curls

Roxana is my favorite this week, it comes in streaks and no streaks and i happen to adore the streaks, especially in blond like in the picture. The frilly curlyness makes me happy in the pants

Tabatha is also the sweetness, it comes with a hair band which i’ve made invisible but you’re able to change the color. It’s a side swept pony tail with big fluffy bangs

I’d suggest going to truth now and getting it. Now.

Go to truth (now!)

Also worn:

Jacket – LMK

Necklace – Whippet and buck

Skin – Pink fuel

Currently Listening to:  Dave Matthews Band – Funny the way it is


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