You sir, are a Tyrant

Tyr dropped me a few of her newest creations including some of the cutest dresses and skirts i’ve seen in a long while. I was able to blog what i wanted meaning i get to blog whatever i want.

[A’shore, I ❤ Tentacles, Taking it easy, Summer Fling)

A’shore and I ❤ tentacles are my favorites in this group, A’shore for the fact it’s cute and is half dress half vest in my opinion. The polka dots just make it cuter

And of course i ❤ tentacles for the lulzy factor (TENTACLE PORN!!!)

[Boho Love]

In addition to the dresses i was given a few folders named Boho love, to my surprise it was a very adorable boho chick skirts and tops. I’m sad to say that there was no pants that came with it but that gives you more of an opportunity to mix and match. I know what i’ll be wearing for the next month or so~ ahah

I’d advise joing the VIP group too while you’re at it, Tyr release group gifts i think every month she said and it’s worth it because she release a special addition top/skirt/pants/outfit when it’s time and it’s never released in store. The newest group gift are these tops which comes in 5 colors (seen above) They’re the por and i think the name suits them a lot 😛

Check out Tyranny Design~!

Also Worn:

Hair – Magika

Bottoms (3rd pic) – Action

Skin – Orta (FREEBIE!!)

Pose – Analu

Currently Listening to: Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc


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