The Truth is oh so sexy!


Yay !

This time around it’s 4 hairs, which is awesome because the 4th hair is an extension/2nd generation of another hair this week

Rylan 2, Rylan, Layla, Kalista (all streaked)

Rylan 2 is an extension of Rylan, it has no bangs and it’s easier for those who have a matching hair base. I don’t normally wear a hair base so i’d probably wear Rylan more.

Rylan is the 1st one follow Rylan 2, it has cute streaked bangs or you can wear the normal version. (I hate a kick for streaks today) It’s the same as Rylan 2 but like i said it’s just with bangs!

Layla is a girly pig tails, it reminds me of something i would’ve worn to school as a little girl. I adore the fact they’re meant to look messy and uneven

And last but not least is Kalista, a short bob and when worn with streaks there’s two instead of the normal one change. Have fun messing around with color options, i won’t be taking this one off for a while

Have fun and check out Truth!

Also Worn:

Skin – LAQ

Dress  – Doppelganger inc (Gache gache festival!!)

Pose – Made by me

Currently Listening to: The Ian Carey Project – Get Shaky


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