Blacklace has me tied up

Yesterday the newest release came out from one of my all time favorite lingerie places, Blacklace. They cater to almost everything sexy when it comes to lingerie/panties/bras/underwear in general.

(Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchy)

This release was based upon the retro kind of vintage lingerie, and me being a retro junkie i fell heels over face for sandy it’s retro cincher and cute panties and bra all put together to make pretty…sexy….adorkable…lingerie?

Rizzo is more what i see sometimes now aday, it’s a corset with underwear. Kinda of plain but the designs are wonderful

And last but not least is Frenchy, Half top corset, lacey bra, and simple panties. It’s by far one of the cutest lingerie sets i own in second life

I highly suggest tping over to Blacklace and picking up a few packs of their stuff! It’s so worth it!

Blacklace, go. now.

Also Worn –

Hair – Ploom

Poses – LAP

Shoes – Maitreya

Currently Listening to: Perry Como – Papa Loves Mambo


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