My sweet addiction

In only a few days The Summer Of Love fair will start and many  previews have been going around.

The sweet Noena Merlin dropped me her dresses that will be on sale at the summer of love fair.

Her dresses, in my opinion, have a classic womanly..? feel to them. They’re simple but very pretty.

(Fluer Gentille Green, Pink) (Tropical touch Blue, green)

The Fluer Gentille comes with very adorable gloves which i’m not wearing in the picture but match the lower lacing. Fluer Gentille in green i think is my favorite. The roses and flowers make it look girly but the fact the skirt has a big of a puffy bump reminds me of the classical era. Big puffy feather hats, necks adorned with the best jewelry, and the women hiding most of their body (Minus the breasts…never under that)

Tropical Touch reminds me of avatar, awkwardly. It’s very beachy and summery (Which this fair IS for summer :P) i adore wearing it and i love that the side of the leg is kind of open and cute 🙂

Check out SweetAntidote

Also Worn:

Hair – Magika

Skin – Pink Fuel

Pose – Porcupine Love

Currently Listening to: Nine Inch Nails – Closer


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