(A title that includes something sexual about Truth)

Hur i’m original, yeah baby.


Nora 2, Nora, Enix, Ardhana all in cocoa

Nora 2 is the 2nd (duh lanie) version of nora, instead of plain like nora it comes with a hat. I haven’t checked but i’m pretty sure you can change the hat colors

Nora is a cute little bob , infact for 3 years i had hair like that in real life…only i had pretty freakin long bangs

Enix is my favorite this week, with a cute little over the shoulder do and the cutest frilliest bangs i’ve seen it has to be mine. Like, i think he just named it enix to cover up for the fact it’s so like lanie it’s not even funny (Ha…/shuts up)

Last but not least is Ardhana, funny name but very cute hair. The ties are color changing and i just adore the fluffy up do. I think the ties could’ve been made able to go invisble too though. Since i’m little i had a lot of trouble trying to fit it so that the ties didn’t become unseeable…ble..

Check out Truth! 🙂

Also Worn:

Skin – Plastik

Poses – Luth

Currently Listening To: Dani California – Red hot chili peppers


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