Summer of love is slowly approaching

Today was very hectic, i’ve been going through my inventory + dealing with the real life family coming back and forth all day.

I was handed a few folders of stuff for the SOLF (Summer of love fair)

I must say, i’m going to like this fair a lot.

First up is the outfit from muted, it’s a shirt and shorts and i think the stilettos are sold separately. I’m very iffy about this outfit due to the shoes. The skin is very hard to match and i ended up saying “Fuck it” to the hud and tearing them apart to shade them myself.  The skin has weird tan lines and makes me look like a skin cancer patient. The shirt and shorts are very cute but…i’m not liking the shoes.

(Cayman Sunset dress, Country time, Doublemint, Sea breeze, Sex on the beach)

Second is Alexohol, i must say i ADORE every piece that is going to be put out for the SOL from this designer. My favorite is the Cayman sunset dress and the sex on the beach. All the outfits are frilly and girly and i think more than ever i enjoyed walking around in them all day.

Last but not least is the SOL items from Shush, i’m having a hard time deciding if i like the skirt or not. I’ve never seen a skirt like it in sl due to the fact the upper part seriously looks like something i’d see in real life. I adore the over sized shirr turned into a dress and i’m excited to see what else is offered from them.

Remember to check out Summer of love fair when it opens 😉

Also Worn:

Skin – Curio

Hair –

Poses – SLC

Currently Listening To: Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man


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