Summer of Love will be the death of me pt.1

So if you’re lonely….you know i’m here waiting for youu

Hello dave is a shop that reminds me so much of harajuku/ japanse fashionistaness it’s not even funny.

This is only a picture of 4 sets, when in reality…i think there was pajamas, mix and match tops, mix and match leggings, mix and match fluffy skirts. It was mind blowing how adorable it all was

Holli pocket is up next, their medium being cute and girly bikinis. I favored to the ones on the left just because more skin showed and in my own way i’m kinda a hoar :3

Hah, this just proves my point that this summer is all about the frilly flowery girly bikinis

Dear indie rose, please stop being pretty. I’ve never been to your store and i think i just might…just to indulge in the pretty dresses. I think you’ve out done yourself with your item for SOL and i think i’m in love. Please..please…don’t make me stop loving you

Yours truley,

Lanie Windlow

Cutie pie honey bunches bikini…check, lacey sexy dress that lanie ended up blotting the nipples and cooter out of…check…bloody and non bloody versions of..DOROTHY OMG WHERES MY TOTO AND KANSAS?!?!…check

Broken doll has some of the cutest dresses and swimsuits on the grid, it shows…up in that picture…yeah…see it? The bikini hasn’t come off since i took this picture 😦 that’s how in love i’m in. The bloody dress is the funnest to wear though…i got weird looks..

Last but not least is the items for sol from Plastik, there is 5 dresses in all and each dress comes with it’s OWN

It’s own tattoo. Epic win right?

I’m only showing 2 dresses and 2 tattoos from the packs but man am i excited to see plastik at the fair. Oh please Kea…i’m in love with you as it is…just marry me already ❤

The fair opens to the public July 17th so get ready!

Other Items worn:

Hair – Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Skin – Plastik

Poses – Luth

Currently Listening to: Take me out – Franz Ferdinand


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