Summer of love will be the death of me pt.2

If i haven’t mentioned a million times before, i don’t have a pro flickr account therefor i tend to get creative with how i blog things. Unfortunately yestuday (Thursday july 15th) my check was suppose to come in at 7 am…yeah it’s not 4:42 AM july 16th. A little part of my check was going to be saved and put into getting a flickr pro…After whining and checking to bank of america i’m still waiting…i hate banks /end rant

First up is shag and barcode, two of the cute furniture stores in second life. I tried my best to become some whimsicle and fantastic interior designer in less than 15 minutes and it didn’t work out how i was planning on it working out. But none the less the pieces are all cute.

Shag offers 4 different lengths and 6 different combination’s for each one. You can click each little object to make it either spurt particles or not…it’s easier to leave the particles off unless you’re crazy.

Barcode is offeering an armchair that comes in light and dark, a sofa that comes in light a dark, light and dark options for a TV hutch and a coffee table as well!

I’m not the best as dressing up either so stay with me while i try and explain my sleep deprived brain why this is important.

Blue blood won’t be participating in SOL (i don’t think) but i wanted to include it in this post due to the fact i own Ghan a blog post. The diva dresses comes in 10 colors and with each pack there’s two pant options (full, or panties) i adore these dresses…just the name has me hooked hehe

2nd figure is wearing the SOL item for ||| (Yes that’s the name) there’s 14 shirts in total but this one is my favorite ” The world isn’t the same without you (Smiley face)”

3rd figure is wearing one of the two hairs from SOL that’ll be at the fair, the outfit itself is from ||| it comes in 11 colors and there’s actually a skirt that comes with it, but me being the rebel in all…i like the pants T_T!!!

4th figure is wearing the 2nd hair from ploom, outfit is the SOL creation from MFP designs, and last but not least the horns, ears, and faun legs are the SOL item from P E R A

Rockberry will also be in the SOL fair as well, there is 4 skin tones in total and each skin comes with two eyebrow options and a cleavage option.  The makeup is an exclusive just for SOL and advise getting it! It’s soooo cute and i plan on wearing it (A LOT!!)

If you haven’t noticed these aren’t the normal poses i use either, the poses in the post are also an SOL exclusive from Look@me poses, there’s 10 poses and with the poses comes a poseball if you don’t like just using the animation. they’re very cute and there’s not only stands but a lot of cute sits and lays 🙂

The fair is now open today so go check it out NOW NOW NOW!

Also Worn:

Hair – Truth,

Bikini – Lelutka

Skin – Plastik

Currently Listening to: Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz


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