It was a Blur

Children laughing, the soft sound of a child’s lullaby echoing in and out of the spaces between the builds.  A skeleton angel, a bed? Blurred trees and blended blocks…

Don’t worry, it’ll all just become a blur in a few.

Selavy Oh, “Don’t be afraid…”

RunoRuno instillation

Bryn Oh “Night Mare”

Radio Signals, “Breaking Wave”

Stoic Ixchel, “I cost too much, I’m ugly, i kill birds”

Sanu, “Secret Scene”

Epoque, “Blurred Cascade”

Miel, “Blur”

If you’d like to see larger versions of any of these pictures please look over at my flickr.

When you get a change i’d highly advise going over to Blur, i adored just sitting in some of the instillation there’s many hidden poses, sounds, and animations that are sure to keep you there for a while. Turn your media and sound on and just relax…take a look at some of the things for sale (Some are free!)

Check Out Blur!


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