Summer of love with be the death of me pt.3

Pay no attention to the half naked chick (That would be me..)

What’s next will be in the summer of love fair as well, with this comes 4 folders of win.

One of the items will be the “Just the two of us” arm chair, that cute…brown thing i’m sitting on…yeah thats it. It changes colors and the pillows change too…but not how you’d expect. Click any part of the armchair and a blue menu comes with up 3 options “Denim, Retro, Latte” Mine is currently set on latte

I haven’t messed with the access button but i’m pretty sure it’s just there to keep who can mess with the armchair and who cant 🙂

The next set is the Beach cottage set which comes with the couch, rug, lamp, and wall art. The couch has cute poses including a sleeping pose and a jumping pose

The last set shown is the Knick knack shelf and decor, comes with the shelf, flowers, books, and candles

What isn’t shown is the Sunflower set which just includes 3 pieces of wall art and a vase

That’s it for now!

Go check out Summer of Love fair!

Currently Listening To: Kid Cudi – Pursuit of happiness


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