Thursday makes my pants happy

It’s thursday…you know what that means? TRUTH =DDDDDDDDDDD

This week there’s 3 women’s hair and 1 male’s hair!

Of course i’m only wearing the girl hair because i don’t make pretty boy shapes heh

This week there’s Christina 2, Julia, and Christina (All in walnut)

Christina 1 and 2 are very cute long hairs, 2 is long with braided hair that drapes around the head (Like a hair band i guess :P) and 1 is a very adorable color changing flower hair band!

My favorite this week is julia, due to the fact it’s poofy and has streaks. I think i’ve gotten a fetish for the streaks…Julia comes in a streak and non streak version and i prefer it with streaks because it looks crazier and cuter in my opinion

Eric! Cute right? 😛

Also what i’m wearing is armidi, i’m not sure how long it’ll last but they’re having a Final Sale

All details are on the page i just linked and i hope you go check it out, the sale is also online as well if you don’t feel like dealing with the lag and other people 🙂

Have fun, be sweet, get some action, and check out Truth!

Also Worn:

Skin – Mynerva

Necklace – Armidi

Outfit – Armidi

Currently Listening To: Lost Prophets – Last Train Home


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