Ploom and Blue Blood

It seems this week is full of epicly awesome made of win new releases, two of which being ploom and blueblood

Ploom is the remade Deviant kitties, it’s owned by the same person and the hair comes from the same person. I’m proud to have found ploom because in all honesty it’s become one of my favorite hair stores. So i think it’s safe to say up first we have the new release from ploom

Iris, Seaside, Squee, and zoey (all in coal)

Iris is a simple bang with a very adorable back curly/braided tail.

Next is Seaside, and it’s exactly like it’s name..The hair band and sculpty tulip is simple and sweet and reminds me more of being at the beach in florida than anything here in second life.

And 2nd to last is Squee, a cute bangy bob (hehe…bangy…bob…get it?) The hair pins are a cute addition to the hair

Last but not least is Zoey and adorable updue with bed headish bangs and loose hairs in the back.

Edit: I was informed that Iris and squee come with a hud that changes the colors, me being the overly excited dork i over looked the huds! Please feel free to rant and yell at me for not seeing that they had a hud ^__^!

On to blue blood! With the releases from many stores blue blood was another one..

She released the cutest dresses in history of cute, the collar is fluffy and matches perfectly, the little sea monster on the front is oh so adorable, and honestly the prims match the color of the top perfectly.

(I wasn’t able to get a picture of the red dress because emerald would not rezz the top but the only thing different is the color! :P)

Go check out ploom and while your at it head on over to blue blood!

Also Worn:

Skin – Laq

Pose – Lazy places


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