15 miles to the Love Shack

Aranel, of *BOOM*, has released her newest creation…The oh so cute Roller Rompers, the rompers come in 15 different colors as well as the matching socks.

I knew one day i’d need roller skates in second life but yet, i somehow deleted the ones i had…GUT FEELINGS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT :[ so instead i shall just sit with my chucks on and pretend they’re like roller skates..they really aren’t but what is a girl to do(rhetorical answer..don’t answer)?

The accessories are kind of rasta colors and go perfectly with ANY of the colors available. Head bands…sweat bands..and the romper itself has such an adorable loose bow on the neck that comes with it!

go ahead and getcho asses ovah to dat uh…uh oh ya das rite *BOOM*!

Other items worn:

Hair – Lamb

Skin – LAQ

Shoes – UBU

Pose – Posture.

Currently Listening To: Men at work – Land down under


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