Vintage girl

It’s truth thursday in my book ladies and gents!

What is lanie wearing?:

Hair – Truth (Look below)

Skin – Candydoll

Necklace – Hod

Undershirt – Pig

Jacket – Pig

High-waist skirt – Whippet and buck

Clutch – Orta

Shoes – Lelutka

Poses – Izumiya

This week has to be the cutest ever not to mention one of the hairs makes my avatar more of my real life twin than EVER!

Frankie, Penny, Tatiana all in swedish

Frankie is more modern and rocker, it has two hair bands (both of which change color) and comes in streaks…matter of fact all the hairs this week come in streaks

Penny is the one hair in second life that makes my avatar become more and more like the real life me than anything, it’s creepy but i can’t stop wearing’s so sweet and innocent looking. Comes in streaks !

Last but not least is Tatiana, it’s more vintaga old hair..the long hair with the curls…retro if you will! Comes in streaksssss!!!

Go over to Truth!

Currently Listening To: Fall out boy – I don’t care

Don’t make fun of me for loving this song, fall out boy is bad and my shit looks better than them but ya know…this song is good


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