Ha! You fail

With the rebranding of Urbanity Trixi Wuyts has released some new necklaces as well as cute skirts and shirts

And their faith is weak (Black), Rosary Of Vengeance, And their faith is strong (Silver)

The faith sets come in black and silver options and are available for male’s too, just like the rosary it’s available for men too!

The ruffled skirts come in 17 colors all together and range from bright green with blue to black on black. They’re adorable and honestly go with everything. What i adore about these skirts though is that there is NO seams..What-So-Ever. I’ve never seen prim flaps for mini skirts that don’t have some kind of seam or are lighter/darker. She’s mastered the skin of making them look like part of the skirt.

The shirt i’m wearing is also a new release, The tube tops.

They come in 16 colors and i adore the black and white tube tops the most, they’re easy to pair with and are adorable all together. There’s not much i can say about these besides the obvious fact of how awesome they are and how much i want to wear them with EVERYTHING



I’m not kidding, the most amusing part about this was being able to open the boxes and saying in real life as it said in local chat “Poof! :O!” That was the highlight of my life last night.

Check out Ha! (Urbanity)

Also worn:

Hair – Ploom

Shoes – Lelutka

Skin – Plastik

Leetle horns – Luckless

All Poses – Posture, Glitterati, Olive Juice

Currently Listening To: The White Stripes – Icky Thump


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