Luck inc tube tops are the answer to my prayer

Me sooooo lazy, not really but it sounds better than saying i’ve been dealing with a 4 year old for 3 days and get her alllllll tomorrow and on the weekend! Don’t get me wrong i LOVE that little chicka but man, those little toddler children things..can i put them in a cage? Tomorrow we’ll be driving 4 hours to savannah to stay the weekend on the beach and relax. The little one and her mommy are two of my best friends and drove 14 hours from Maryland to come see me and i’m more than thrilled ❤

Anyways! Luck inc released some of the best tube tops and with that said…it’s going to be a very picture heavy post 🙂

There’s 24 colors and 17 patterns, coming to a total of 43 tube tops! O-M-H

The tube tops come with a normal bewb prim or a prim with a bankroll 😉 oh babby

White, Taupe Gray, Taupe, Sandy Brown, Rosewood, Riflegreen, Raspberry, Purple Taupe

June bud, Fallow, Eton blue, Eggplant, Cordovan, Champagne

Bubblegum, black, Bitter Sweet, Bazaar, Babyblue, ArmyGreen

Aquamarine, Apple Green, American Rose, Amber

Zebra, UK, tagged, Stripes, Stars, Size Matters

Rockstar, Rhinestone skull, pink leo, naughty, love, flavor

Cute, Cow, Clouds, Camo bonsai, camo

Visit Luck Inc

Skin – Laq

Poses – Dfo!

Belts – MM’s


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