Truth New..ish Release

I’ve been late on blogging both the truth and boom new release, VACATION IS BETTER! /cough…anyways…

Last thursday Truth released 3 new hairs as well as announced he’d be doing a 50% off sale on Everything. It’ll be over two sims and if one is laggy just go to the other one, it’s late enough to where i think it should be eased up but knowing truth…it’s probably still very laggy and filled. You can not do it on xstreet because it’s an only in-world sale.

Evangeline, Saffron,  Seraphina (All in walnut and come with streaks)

The sale runs from August 19th – September 3rd, for more information go to the Truths’ blog post and visit Truth Sim 1, Truth Sim 2!


Skin – Curio

Pose – Glitterati

Currently Listening To: Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence


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