Call me, Estrela

*Elymode* is a store i happened upon a few days ago thanks to the owner, Elysium Elide, being on my plurk timeline. She makes clothing, poses, makeups. I think my favorite part of this whole thing was how she packaged her blogger packs and made sure they were unique to the blogger she was giving it to. It’s fun to talk to designers too though due to the fact they’re just NORMAL people. After many pervy comments and jokes she handed over the blogger pack and in it was her newest release Estrela, as well as her Simply Sheer tops and shorts.

Estrela comes with many options and layers to mix and match with, these are just 3 main colors. Whats good is ho she lays it out you can prett much buy a pink top to go with a green corset and a red skirt. There’s many gazillion possibilities.  The skirts come in short AV’s and normal sizes to fit all heights and the straps tops come with color changing cuffs

More versions of how to wear the Estrela tops, the two skirts and sheer top and shorts i’m wearing are a few of her older releases but oh so cute. I think i’ll be wearing that black skirt for a while..

Please, go check out *Elymode*

Everything else worn:

Skin – Laq

Hair –

Shoe cuffs – Maitreya

Shoes – Lelutka

Nipple Tape and panties: Luck Inc

Poses – Glitterati (New release called Hips!!)

Currently Listening To: Beck – Diamond Dogs


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