Plastik is going on a road trip

Kea is going on a road trip and to save up some money for gas she’s decided to remake a shit ton of her clothing and set them up for a little limited edition type thing. All of the money is going to gas for her road trip and in return you get limited edition patterns of many of her most popular pieces. There’s 79 outfits in total including 2 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of cute flats!

These are only a few pieces of the huuuuge list of remakes. I found it more than adorable that with every set, she named it after a place she hopes to see while on the road trip. I highly advise going and getting all of this while it’s still up. She goes on the road on September 5th or 6th and there’s a chance that they’ll be out for a few days after that!! Odds are, you better hurry!

With the 79 outfits put out she also put out two skins for the limited edition type thing too, and since i couldn’t get pictures of em how about the originals from kea! The skins come in all 6 lionheart tones with 2 skin options included.

The sun in my eyes

Runny makeup and public restrooms

Other items lanie wore:

Skin – Mynerva

Hair – Magika

Poses – Glitterati

Getcho ass to Plastik!


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