Lick My Lollipop

I was asked to do a leetle “look book” of an outfit i had worn in a picture. I’m not really a look book person but i’ll try.

What Is Lanie Wearing?:

Hair – Truth (To be blogged after this probably)

Jacket – Luck inc

Shirt –

Heart tattoo: Tiny bird ( It comes on all layers including a 2.0 tattoo layer)

High Waist Skirt – Luck inc

Left arm bands/bracelets – Loulou & co.

Right Arm Warmer – Maitreya

Leggings – Luck inc

Shoes – Surf co.

Thigh Belt – Catnip

Well, there you go! I’m not quite sure i did it right, i’m not used to do look books and JUST a look book. It’s not that interesting and i dug it up while cleaning my inventory. Have fun with it and if i didn’t give it credit it means that they’re special items which i wear 24/7 and don’t feel like giving credit out to. I might try and do this sometimes, i wear weird shit usually soooooooo! haha

Currently Listening To:  MIKA – Lollipop


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