You know it’s fall when…pt 2

When all you want to do is cuddle up in a big blanket with coco, a big sweat shirt, movies, and maybe just maybe the dogs and some pumpkin pie.

Fall is my favorite time of year because i adore the warm colors and i adore how cozy and comfortable they are, not to mention it gives me an excuse to sit in my pajamas all day and just watch movies and eat popcorn. Even in second life the colors inspire a lot of real life redecorating for me!

The Seasons Hunt has just started!
September 25th at 12:00am SLT-October 9th 12:00am SLT.

All participants will hide a leaf in their store.  Inside of this leaf, will be an item that is fall related.  The stores are not linked to each other so you will simply follow the list however you would like.
For updates you can read them via blog:
Or you may join the group inworld.  It will be a very unmoderated group.  Just a group for people to help each other find items.
I’ve made a few outfits out of some thing from all the stores hunt gift soooooo…Enjoy!
Everything from the seasons hunt will be in red font
Hair – Clawtooth (Modded heavily)
Brooch – [ glow ] studio
Dress & Corset – Ingenue
Pose – ..::DARE::..
Leaves – Olive Juice
Hair – Truth
Scarf – Concrete Flowers
Sweatshirt – Doppelganger
Shorts – Surf Co.
Shoes – Surf Co.
Hair – Lamb
Scarf – mijnt
Babydoll – (fd)
Leggings – Twosome
Shoes – Surf Co.
Pose – <s.b>
Hair – Lamb
Paint Brush – Duboo
Coat – Lelutka
Cami –
Skirt – W&B
Shoes – Lelutka
Pose – Lelutka (Comes with Coat)
Currently Listening To:  Emilie Simon – Desert


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