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Poses – PDA

Hair – [e]

Boom has always been the go to store for clothing that’s versatile and can be Mixed and Matched, the Somnium release is probably the greatest of them. There’s 5 ways in all to wear the collection ranging from wearing the whole dress, wearing the body suit alone, wearing the bodysuit with the chest piece, bodysuit with skirt, and you can even get away with wearing the chest piece alone.

The bodysuit and chest/skirt prices are sold separately, instead of buying a pack and getting a body suit in every other folder you just buy the body suit and then buy the chest/skirt pieces you want. It’s way cheaper and much more funner to mix and match with .

As a release gift the Aureolus add on set is free, i’m not sure for how long though so grab it while you can~




Blue blood on my hands

Poses – PDA

Hair – [e]

I adore these dresses and sorry for the overly bloody bloody but i didn’t want to take them off yesterday. These dresses are a new release from Blue blood and come in 6 colors and 3 options. An open skirt (right) full gown (left) and lingerie (not shown). I personally adore the full gown option, i’m not much of a girly girl but i adore long gowns and have a collection of them on second life. They’re full of win!

Blue blood

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Truth thursday! Almost halloween…what’s our treat?!?…


Yes that’s right 8 new hair colors!

Hot pink, Granny, Cool Mint

There’s 8 new colors and as a halloween gift he sent out the pack and a version with streaks to his subscribo’s last night, i was told it’s not in there any more but if you’d like to go and demo the colors go ahead and go over!

With the female releases, he also released a male hair. I don’t have a male avi so if there is any doods out there who wanna see it, go demo it. It’s veedy handsome!


Outfit –

Poses – !Bang

Skin – Pink Fuel

Shirt – HausofFox

Belt – Hermony

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Fashion at The Rumor

With The Rumor sim opening “officially” tomorrow, a lot of shops have started to finalize their shop set up. There’s a lot of wonderful clothing stores/brands coming alive there.

Razorblade Jacket, The sea hole

Tutti Frutti, HausofFox



Hair – truth

skin – pink fuel

pose – porcupine love

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I’ll post a slurl when The Rumor is open 🙂

Berry’s Blogger Challenge; Content Creator Appreciation

This week’s Blogger challenge is: Content Creator Appreciation
Blog about a content creator that does something a little extra that you wish other content creators did as well. It can be anything from those designers that take the time to do extra layers or anything else that you feel helps you out in your slife.

Please remember to link to your blogger challenge posts in the comments below so I don’t miss them and thanks ahead of time for participating! You can look up any previous challenges on this page and do them at anytime. ❤

For more information visit: Berry’s Blogger Challenge – Content Creator Appreciation


I’ve had to think about this for a a day or so, there’s so many designers that go the extra foot (or in this case; prim) to make it an enjoyable experience to shop or explore in second life. Out of all the content creators on second life, i most appreciate Aikea Reiko, The creator and designer behind The Plastik.

Jaida dress; available soon at The Plastik

Before “The Plastik” she was Tokeo plastik, a store which has been in my inventory for almost 2 years. She was the first store i happened upon other than Magika and Jill.

What makes her special is that despite being a very accomplished Second life designer, she also became my best friend. I met her through a great friend of mine Colemarie, instantly Aikea became the girl i ran around with, the girl i talked to on a not so normal daily basis, She was my go to girl for things i needed to find or just someone to talk to and relate with.

[18:20] Aikea Rieko: look at your picture everywhere on my shiz
[18:20] Aikea Rieko: LOOK AT IT

I’ve learned over the two year span of being clingy to her shop that she also is sweet and caring to her customers and Plastik visitors. If you need help, there’s a 99.9% chance that she’ll help you, whether it’s an item not delivered, or a wrong skin tone. (Not to mention she’ll try and pull a bad joke and be hilarious when ever she can!)

I picked Aikea because she’s become my right hand girl, or i’ve become her side kick, either way she’s one of the sweetest people i know in second life.

She gives me good sex too

The Plastik

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Have you heard The Rumor?…

Don’t be scared…it’s quite calming..

The past few days The rumor has been setting up a sim, A sim meant to be for shopping turned in to a rich lust of gothic architecture and themes of a sea city.

Think of the sim as a love child of H.P Lovecraft and Tim Burton, eerie but calming. Haunted fairytale by the sea.

The stores that have scattered around in all the buildings range from older well known shops to brand new not necessarily known shops. I’ve learned and saw that they’re all awesome creators and the designs are made of win. There’s main stores, and satellite stores in the “town” part of the sim and in the mountains around the waterfall.

The Main stores include: The Rumor Blog HQ’s, Posh, Penned, Slutcookie, Tea, Bounce, Amperlope, Croire, Infinite, Butt-er, Rangs, Silenced,[socialANGtz], Nic0 Teen, Sblur, and Drama.

The Satellite stores are: Mustache, La Malvada Mujer, The Sea Hole, Adjunct, Smarmy, So Many Styles, Fable, Acid & Mala, Loulou & Co., Fumé, Boom, Babycakes, It’s Cake, Miseria, TuttiFrutti, Wunder, Razorblade Jacket, Posies, and FJ Design, Grixdale ( Tyranny).

I’ve spent almost two days here, soaking up the unsettling but reassuring feeling the sim gives off. It’s more than easy to go there to buy a few things and then ending up there for a few hours gazing at the build and layout. It’s hard to tell what you’ll find on your first trip to “The Rumor”. I spent most of last night watching the designers build up their stores and watch Penn (Owner of The rumor blog and sim, Pennelope Thiessam) create and build the rest of the buildings and lay down more shrubbery.

My favorite part of this sim is the mermaid fountain, the bubbling water moves back and forth giving off the effect of a real life fountain you’d toss coins in to. The fountain is located kind of in the middle of the “city of townsville” I’ve always had a love affair with mermaids seeming as my middle name came from a true feisty red head of the sea.

Take a few minutes or possibly a few hours out of the busy day and head over to The rumor

Plastik Halluweeny

Aikea has out done herself this halloween! She picked a theme, which turned into webs (spider webs) and re did a lot of her older dresses and released a lot of newer outfits with it! This time though, she released a row of outfits at a time, until they were all out. The good thing about that? You’re not overhauled and are able to buy each day ;D

I absolutely adore Halloween and this just means i have more Halloweensey to wear ALL YEAR!

Don’t mind my cheesy Halloween backgrounds, i needed an excuse to use them ^_^

A few scarves available~

More awesomeness~

Get there soon though, i’m not sure how long it’ll all be available but i’m thinking they’ll be gone after halloween!


Also wearing –

Poses – Olive Juice

Hair –

Skin – Laq