Truth is on my mind

Yesterday was Thursday. You know what that means? New hair at Truth!!!!

Allegra | Estelle | Tara | (All in Snow)

Allegra is a sweetie pie honey bunches braided twirly curly cutie cake hair, comes in streak option too

Estelle is whispy and curly and long, comes in different attachment points and streak options.

Tara is an up doish kinda girl, long and flowey and comes with a normal (no hairband) or hair band option. Comes with streak options 🙂

Well, there ya have it my lovely little birdies! (I promise i’m not high today)

Skid on over to Truth

Other items worn:

Skin – Pink fuel

Pose – Posture.

Currently Listening To:  Shallow Grave – The Birthday Massacre


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