Call for couture [The clothing] pt. 1

“The concept of Call for Couture can be broken down into two elements within one venue..

Firstly, there will be a charity auction, 50% of the auction sale will go to The Samaritans ( The Samaritans run a 24 hour center for suicidal people or people in emotional crisis to contact, via phone or email run by trained unpaid volunteers. Reg charity number: 219432.

We will be asking designers to submit for this auction a COUTURE item. The specifics of that is as follows: Your ‘couture’ item for the Samaritans auction must be limited edition. The posters will read that 5 copies of the item exist in world… The designers will have a copy, their lucky model will get a copy (see below), I will get a copy (hey! I like perks, cant blame a girl for tryin!), the auction winner will have a copy, and you, the designer, will retain one that you may use in a future event or auction as you please.

Your ‘couture’ item must be lux, avant-garde** and of a minimum value of 600L.Now, you may sell items in your stores for significantly less, but please note I said *value* not price. Your items should be worth paying at least that for, as these high quality items will be auctioned for charity, you get to keep the other 50%.

**Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

The event will run for 3 weeks. But in real life when a fashion house spends all that time and energy on making a beautiful runway couture item they make theyre money back by making a prêt-à-porter version ( ready to wear ). The challenge is to make your auction item couture, avant-garde, pushing your limits as a designer and as a brand… and then you can create a wearable complimentary piece that will sell, like normal, beside your auctioned piece.

The items are different but relate back to the original inspiration, mood or theme of the item. They might have a different fabric, a different cut or a different colour (rare) but they are always obviously related somehow to the couture original.

Your pret-a-porter item can be sold unlimited, as many times as people want to buy them, as they too will be new and original items this part of the event will be almost idential to the black and blue fair / the summer of love fair. All those new and exclusive items in one place = large turn out. So it should cover the costs of your auction items donation to charity and your admittance fee (see below).

The Summer of Love Venue was bigger than the Black and Blue fair venue, but I feel that didn’t work. The venue proposed for this event (on a sim owned by Best of SL Espanol) will be roughly the same size as SOL but will be open plan, so we will cut out the issue of whos furthest from the tp point.

See above images. There will be spaces for additional items for rent, the money for this will go to the venue sponsors, Best of SL Espanol to help pay for the sim running costs of the time the event is running.

There will be three fashion shows, to display as much of the products as possible (one a week). These will be held in a different part of the sim. Models will be provided and we will be looking for a runway manager to keep control of rehearsals and the actual shows. However Best of SL have many contacts within the modelling community and we will have enough models.

These shows will be filmed and broadcasted on Best of SL Espanol’s website.

I will be asking that you give your couture item free to your model, but if you require use of your own model, if they meet the runway managers standards of training you may. When a runway manager has been appointed more information will be provided.

Every designer must provide:
► A ‘couture’ item, valued at no less than 800L.
► A ‘pret-a-porter’ complimentary outfit that you will sell on site for a price set by you.

► Your couture item will be auctioned with 50% of the sale price going to the Samaritans (Reg charity number: 219432).
► The sales of your ‘pret-a-porter’ item stay entirely with you.

► Both items must be new and never sold or given away before.
► Your items must be ready by October 1st at 1pm SLT.
► The venue will open to bloggers on October 3rd at 1pm SLT.
► The first fashion show will run on October 9th at 4pm SLT. (Before the event opens, because if we held the week one fashion show whilst the event was open it would be too laggy. The fashion shows will be broadcast on BOSL Espanols website and
► The venue will open to the public on October 10th at 4pm SLT. (midnight GMT)

► Best of SL Espanol’s monthly publication date is the 15th, so we will be featured in that, there is limited advertising space available amongst the pages about this event. Contact Thalia Heckroth for information.

Because of the nature of this event most of our accepted stores will sell clothing or jewelry. We will however *consider* skin designers as long as they can explain a clear concept of how their couture item will differ from their pret-a-porter version.

We will have 160 full stands available maximum, these will hold an auction item and a pret a porter item, your logo and a lm dispenser.

Then we have 25 ‘other’ stands which will hold up to 25 prims. Ideal for those who cannot make a couture version of their products, for example hair creators or shoe makers who wish to make something to compliment the event. However an original piece is not required for these stalls.

Both stall types cost 1000L. Although the auction ‘full stands’ will get the most attention the accessory ‘other’ stands have more prims, so I have decided to charge 1000L for both.

But Keira! I’m a very busy designer! What do you do to help me participate?

▶ Send you reminders with ‘You have x weeks/days/hours to prepare for the hunt’. For the fairs there were 2 week warnings, a 1 week warning, a 2 day warning and then a 1 hour warning. We keep track of who is already set up so once your set up you WON’T receive these messages.
▶ We are happy to liaise with your store managers, other designers within your brand – anyone you like, just let us know!
▶ We don’t just send blind notecards and assume you’ve gotten them! If we don’t receive a response within 3 days we will send an IM, if you’re offline and we dont receive a response within 3 more days – we try again! We are very persistent. ;]
▶ We keep track of which brands have put products out – put their posters out – put their hint item out … every option you have as a designer we keep careful notes on which designer is doing what. How does that help you? It means you’ll only ever receive information relevant to you at the moment its sent.
▶ We have a good team that on average offer a contact point most of the time! (Approximately 18 out of 24 hours a day on average.)

Because of the scale of this event for the first time ever we are charging 1000L admittance. Non refundable and to be paid to Fashion Engineer after confirmation from Keira Seerose that your brand is entered. This pays for advertising and staffing costs. This event is bigger than ever and requires alot more staff. You will then need to provide your mainstores LM (as of Oct 8th) and your logo.

If you have more questions please feel free to contact a member of CHIC Management. Keira Seerose or Melisande Metaluna.”

CHANTKARE-LBD ENSEMBLE, Vilada, Fishy Strawberry, Nemisis, Relentless Couture

Magoa, PurpleMoon, Line, Tasty, Cynful

aRAWRa, K~*~S, Sassy Kitty, Broken Doll, SweetAntidote

Cool beans, The secret store, So many Styles

It shall be open soon!!

What’s being worn:

Hair – Maitreya

Pose – Izumiya


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