Very berry blogging challenge

Strawberry Singh has started giving out blogger challenges and since i’m starting to more and more fail at NOT doing them, i thought i’d give this one a try.

Blog about your favorite designer and why they are your favorite. What do you like about their designs? How do they inspire you? Do you have a story to share about any experiences?

See the rest of her post at Berry’s Blogger Challenge

It took me a while to figure out what outfit or what designer i love most, I was torn between Trilobite and Luck inc. My love for corsets and jeans are so heavy and balance each other out it’s hard to say which one wins. I adore Trilobite because the corsets are like my drug, i can’t stop buying them and i can’t stop wearing them. Jeans though…i LIVE in jeans. And luck inc is one of my favorite stores to go for jeans.

It’s hard for me to choose what designer i favor though, Luck inc, Trilobite, Pink fuel, Plastik, Laq,  hell even illusions is one of my favorites stores.

They all in some way make up parts of my inventory and are the heaviest set of folders i have.

I’m a sucker for anything cute and anything that’s sexy. Poses, Elf ears, Skins (Half i barely wear but are uber cute..), shoes, socks, you name it i have it.

What Lanie is wearing:

Hair – 69

Bra – Luck inc

Corset – Trilobite

Belt – Hermony

Jeans – Luck inc

Shoes – UBU

Skin – Laq

All poses – !Bang, Glitterati

Currently Listening To: The blue van – Put my name in the sand


2 responses

  1. oh wow you just added a whole bunch of stores to my shopping list! LOL I never even heard of Trilobite before, will definitely check it out and thank you for doing the challenge! ❤

    October 12, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    • Took me a few days to get back to this but yes! Trilobite Wear is a really good place

      October 14, 2010 at 8:29 pm

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