Chicks dig Truth

Mmmm waking up to a glorified package of truth hair is what i call a good day. From start to finsish (Unpacking – taking pictures) i’m all bouncy and shit like “OH MY GAWWHHH SO SECCKKSSIII GIRLFRAN”

Aiyana, Bebe, Nadine, Nadine 2 (Bubblegum)

All the hair this week comes in streaks, My favorite is spilt between Aiyana and Bebe.

Aiyana comes with two options (One with no feathers and one with feathers) it also comes with face paint (The two black paint streaks across my cheek) Super cute right?

Bebe is a fro fro poodle oodle doople doo! Haha super cute and i’m lovin the curly q.

Nadine comes in two different hair styles, one with a hair band and one without!

Anywho shnukums it’s time fur dis countreh gal to hitch on up and go make some punkin Pyyyyyy

Hitch hikin to Truth
What else is bein worned:

Skin – Esuga (lucky board prize ^_^)

Shirt – Tyranny

Poses -Izumiya


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