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I’ve been in love with paper.doll for so long, I first found them when they had released adorable sparkly girly mini skirts and from there i had decided to stay with them and i’m glad i did.

There’s not two designers (If i’m correct) that will be designing for Paper.Doll.

The second designer, Tiarra Morpork, has awesome tee’s out right now. They’re super adorable and i really want to see her designing much more!

The main designer behind Paper.Doll, Zoey Gabardini, released an adorable dress and super awesome high waisted pants this week.

Selena comes in 7 colors all together and i adore the fishnet cut outs on the side. Super sexy.

Emily trousers come in 10 colors and each pair comes with suspender and non suspender versions

And here’s a glimpse of the releases from last week

Spencer trousers

Jordyn mini dresses

Imagine tee’s

Hannah dresses

Alexia dresses


Also worn

Hair – Elikatira (Heavily modded)
Skin – Curio

Poses – Dfo!, With love and squalor

I’m sorry if the pictures aren’t that great and the post seemed dull~ i’m sick again..yayyy winter


*Boom* Love me skirts

Because of my fail sauce brain i completely forgot that i owned a blog let alone owned more than lamb hair and a pair of jeans in my inventory.

There’s 12 skirts in all and with each skirt comes a texture change stash belt.

Each skirt comes with the main skirt and leg attachments to make the skirt look “realer” and not show so much bare leg out of the sides.

I adore these dresses and my favorite HAS to be the pink with a black stash texture. These skirts go with everything and i’d be willing to give up pants just to wear these all day


Shirt –

Poses – With love and squalor

Skin – Curio

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!

As of now the new sim Meow has opened. With all the stores that were once on Thibedeau coming over to this sim, garuntee a few of them left and went to other sims and many stores such as Plastik are brand new to it.

With the opening Eln has also started a special rewards system.

Once you’ve picked up a Meow rewards token from here you can walk around and explore the stores, take pictures, do your thing…whatever that thing is..There’s specific items marked down to 75L that you can buy for the Meow token hud.

You’re looking for the colored icons on the items, you need all 5 colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange) to complete the hud. If you get an extra color, don’t sweat it, they’re transferable so you can give them to friends.

Anya Maya
Primitive Designs

Rebel X
Kis Kis

C’est Moi

Fine Line
Glam Obsession


Once you’ve worn the hud teleport to a sim that’s rezz enabled and has scripts enabled too. Click the coins and it’ll fill your hud.

Visit the kiosk here and click on the reward you’d like, the lm to the kiosk comes with the hud but if you need it just come over here!

Warnings: Don’t rez the coins in a non-script area, Don’t wear multiple HUDs. Doing so will automatically reset the slots to empty. I.E. you lose your coins this way!


We are wearing;

Outfit – El’n lion girl (reward gift)

Hair – Truth,

Skin – Laq, Curio

Poses – Glitterati, Porcupine Love



Currently Listening To:Eiffel 65 – Elephants in Amsterdam

The beautiful plastik machine

The blog is brand new and it’s barely a day old or so, it’s run by Aikea reiko who owns The plastik in world. I’d highly advise and think it’s in everyone’s best interest to book mark, link back, and save this blog. It’s a lotd (Look of the day) blog and it’s one of the few that i’ll enjoy checking every day or so. The oufits she puts out and creates are wonderful and i’m sure everyone on the grid can learn a thing or two on how to dress from her ❤

Go. Now. Thanks.



** Cutie undies

Luck inc released the most adorable panties on the grid so far, i was so thrilled when CK put them out because for the past year i’ve lived in the same set.

The panties come in basic and pattern, for each set theres 12 different options (12 colors, 12 patterns)

I love the fact there there’s so many options because i adore mixing and matching.

If i had to choose my favorite i’d have to say Cloud, Kittiehs, and White. There’s a chance i won’t be taking these off until i’m forced to changed ❤

Luck inc.


All poses – Glitterati

Ears – Panda Express

Skin – League

Hair – Truth

Feet – SLink

Currently Listening To: Blue Foundation – Eyes on fire

[.Zombie Fetus.] Diamond Dogs are poachers

Linkey Dinkey Doo to store


Truth hair came out not more than 3 days ago and i have to admit, i kind of adore having new streak color options. It makes it much more fun and interesting to have different colors~

All in chocolate

All hair comes with streak options and Francesca has a w/ bangs and w/o bangs option 🙂

My favorite this week is Sonya, i adore up do’s and the pony tail is just adorable. I love all of them but i haven’t been able to wear other hair because of Sonya~

i’d highly advise going and demoing these this week because they’re all flowey and gorgeous


Also wearing

Skin – league

Ears – Panda Express

Panties –

Poses – Posture